" Jeda de Brí and Finbarr Doyle have written a truly terrific representation of an aspect of contemporary life, with sure-fire dialogue and wonderfully layered levels of rage, fear, and disintegrating trust. It's a complex, unresolved treatment of a very modern insoluble problem, a serious, extraordinarily well-made play that is as thought-provoking as it is gripping".

"Superbly directed by de Brí ... Katie Foley's set design, Nicola Burke's costumes, Dara Hoban's lighting design are as effective as the writing and playing." 

- Emer O'Kelly, The Sunday Independent


"Sickle Moon’s production is an agitated portrait of assured mutual destruction, measured out in duologues about betrayal, consent, envy and abuse. Fans of verbal laceration will enjoy."

- Peter Crawley, The Irish Times


"The dialogue is sharp and rapid, the words emotively delivered, whilst drunken memories are conveniently remembered and misremembered."

- The Reviews Hub, 4 STARS


"This superb, clever piece of writing, excellently executed left me emotionally exhausted. I laughed, cried and sat in shock at the unfolding of a friendship, the unravelling of a regretful night and an impending marriage. Tryst is unmissable, a five-star play."




“Cirque Des Rêves” is a delightful dark tale told by a wonderful theatrical ensemble that might possibly be the best seasonal show on offer"

" brims with warmth, charm and humor despite lurking in dark shadows"

"Showcases a creative ensemble working at the top of their game. With its cornucopia of closely observed details, Aoife Fealy’s clever set design was given depth and atmosphere by Maggie Donovan’s evocative lighting design. Against which director Jeda de Brí brought Katie McCann’s wonderful script to life with a heightened degree of theatricality. With snappy transitions, clever staging and some innovative use of props, de Brí crafts a highly physical, well paced production

"Her excellent and energetic cast comprised of Clodagh Mooney Duggan, Kevin C Olohan, Finbarr Doyle and Katie McCann, switched endlessly and seamlessly between McCann’s rich array of characters, differentiated by carefully crafted physical articulations and vocal shifts, all of which were supported by subtle alterations to Nicola Burke’s clever costume design"

- Examiner , 5 STARS


" Tactics is very well written indeed: it is a thoroughly unpleasant, heartfelt comment on what the authors clearly see as the contemptible nature of all party politics in this country"
"Directed with fire and discipline by de Brí"

- Emer O'Kelly, The Sunday Independent

" Tactics is an enjoyably wicked combination of black comedy and political satire"
"A tightly written, well-acted piece, the second from the talented Sickle Moon Productions"

- Michael Moffatt, The Irish Mail on Sunday, 4 STARS




“...dazzlingly effective, a clear-sighted little examination of the reality of some “mother-love"... it's tautly directed by de Brí, with an excellent set by Aoife Fealy”.

- Emer O'Kelly, The Sunday Independent

 “An absorbing production that dismantles outwardly civilised relationships"
"Writers Finbarr Doyle and Jeda de Brí, who also directs, have come up with a play that justifies the existence of small theatres”.

- Michael Moffatt, The Irish Mail on Sunday, 4 STARS


" Aoife Fealy’s design does an admirable job of amassing bric-a-brac, while de Brí manoeuvres the siblings carefully and confrontationally around the debris"
"A revealing, understated comedy ... delicately constructed and subtly performed"

 - Peter Crawley, The Irish Times



" Finbarr Doyle gives a good performance as a naively honest man, full of twitches, anger and childish giggles"

- Michael Moffatt, The Irish Mail on Sunday


"Finbarr Doyle gives an assured, sensitive and well-paced delivery."

- Irish Theatre Magazine



""A gloomily atmospheric play..contrasting characters add to the atmosphere"

 - Michael Moffatt, The Irish Mail on Sunday

"Who can say no to a classic ghost story? It is staged well and is extremely atmospheric thanks to clever use of sound and light."

- Le Cool

"SPECTRES is Sickle Moon's final work as the Theatre Upstairs company in residence. It has been an interesting trio, revealing what can be done when people think of character and story, but never sacrificing the visual or entertaining. They are an exciting company and it will be with keen interest to see what direction they take next, and where de Brí as a director will go as well"

- The Red Curtain Review

NOTICES FOR strange case of doctor JEKYLL & mister HYDE

"suitably atmospheric"

- Eithne Shortall, The Sunday Times


" A nicely atmospheric adaptation... brings home how close Dr Jekyll is to Oscar Wilde's Dorian Gray”

“Paul Travers gives an excellent account of Dr Jekyll's horror and despair"

- Michael Moffatt, The Irish Mail on Sunday